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hello I am 19 and 38 weeks pregnant. my fiance is a alcoholic, addict and its progressivly gotten worse. he went on a rampage a couple of weekends ago, took all the money out of the bank got all messed up, and came back to the house. I of couse had him locked out, i called his mom and dad over here, he hit his dad, went to jail. now im stuck unemployed about to give birth, and rent is due in a week, and im left with 10$. i have no idea what to do. i really need help. im stressing out so bad and its not healthy for my baby girl. please help me and pray for me!!!

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Maybe you could go to a shelter for pregnant women?  They will help get you on your feet after your baby arrives.  Call 211 for resources in your area.  Best wishes, Rosie

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